Our Products

We use a wide variety of companies. All companies use high quality ingredients that are standardized . These companies include:

Standard Process  www.standardprocess.com
For 75 years, Standard Process (SP) has provided health care professionals with high-quality, nutritional whole food supplements. Their extensive collection of products supports the healthy functioning of the endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive, hepatic, respiratory, skeletal, renal, and other physiological systems.

SP continually formulate’s new, synergistic whole food nutritional products to further address patient needs. In 2001, SP partnered with MediHerb to provide health care professionals with superior herbal products.

In order to produce high-quality supplements, our products undergo a unique process. To ensure the utmost quality, many of SP’s raw materials are grown organically on company-owned farmland and then processed utilizing exclusive manufacturing techniques. SP monitor’s raw materials throughout the entire manufacturing process using continuous quality control testing.

Medi-Herb www.mediherb.com
MediHerb is an Australian owned company based in a beautiful agricultural area of Queensland. In our pharmaceutical GMP manufacturing facility we produce a large range of herbal products in liquid extracts and tablets. The mission of the company is to provide superior quality efficacious products to health care professionals.

The philosopher and teacher Rudolf Steiner once said, “For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure. I believe that there is a healing potential locked inside plants which is integral with their evolution, just as it is part of human evolution to learn to tap this wonderful gift of Nature.”

In the words of MediHerb’s Co-Founder, Associate Professor Kerry Bone: “Our passion at MediHerb is to unlock the healing power of plants by combining the time-honored wisdom of traditional knowledge with sound clinical experience and the rigor of scientific research. This quest can only be attained by the total commitment to quality and continuous improvement, which permeates every aspect of our endeavors”.

Biotics  www.bioticsresearch.com
Biotics Research Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of specially designed nutritional products for over thirty years. Our mission remains constant: to be the benchmark of excellence in nutritional science, technology and service, providing the clinician with reliable, innovative products of superior quality as well as the highest level of customer service.

Orthomolecular  www.OrthoMolecularProducts.com

For over twenty years Orthomolecular has been offering evidence-based formulations manufactured with an uncompromising commitment to superior raw ingredients to develop efficacious supplements that noticeably enhance patient health.

and many more…………..