Stress Free Holidays

Why does the happiest times in our life also become the most stressful time as well? Do you say to yourself every year at this time that this is the year you want to change that? Having a plan now before the hectic rush starts is assurance your holidays will be the best ever. 

Eating healthy around this time of year is the toughest. With parties and potlucks every weekend it is a major temptation to everyone. By making healthy choices every other day is the key to maintaining your weight and your health this time of year. Eat whole foods as much as possible adding lots of fiber to stay full. Always have a healthy midday meal and don’t arrive at a party starving. If the event is a potluck bring a dish that has a lot of nutrition or show your friends how you revamped a favorite recipe to make it healthier. Holidays and food just seem to go together so enjoy the indulgences and then get back to a daily routine of healthy living.Don’t forget to keep up your exercise routine. It’s easy to slack off on this area for several reasons. We get busy with everything going on plus when the weather gets cold it makes it harder to get outside for a quick run, walk or jog. By maintaining a workout routine that includes both cardio and weight resistance training you not only will keep off the extra pounds those indulgences add but you will reduce the stress that all this busyness creates.   

Staying stress free in todays world is overwhelming to most people. We live day to day under these stresses not even realizing the role they play in almost all of our health issues. 95 percent of all illnesses are either caused by or worsened by stress.* Stress taxes your adrenal glands which then secrete adrenaline which helps your body in stressful situations. To much of this and finally the adrenals can’t keep up. The stresses eventually create enormous strain on our nervous system leading to burnout and breakdown.* Finding a life of meaning and purpose where you can balance everything that comes at you is essential for health.

* Dr Mark Hyman… The Ultramind  Solution


 Taking whole food supplements supports a healthy immune system and gives you critical nutrients to ensure a healthier lifestyle. The following are all crucial to adrenal gland function and also helps reduce the effects of stress on the body…

Drenamin supports adrenal function and helps maintain emotional balance. It encourages a healthy response to everyday environmental stresses and supports immune system function. Maintains energy production and supports a balanced mood. 

Adrenal Complex contains a combination of quality compounds that restore adrenal function and reduce stress. It supports adrenal gland health and energy production to help combat fatigue. It helps the body adapt to challenges of everyday life and promotes the body’s normal resistance function. It also supports a healthy immune system when experiencing occasional stress. 

DHEA provides metabolic, immune and memory support. It slows the effects of aging as well as increases muscle mass, strength and energy.

Adapten-All and Adrenaviveprovides comprehensive adrenal support with a special blend of nutrients, botanicals and adaptogens as well as a balanced vitamin and mineral formula for support of adrenal regulation. 

Also available through Flu season is our Homeopathic vaccine alternative Influenzium by Boiron. This is also kid friendly!

All of these supplements are available at Emley Chiropractic. 




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