Cold and Flu Season are here

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Cold and Flu season is here

 Fall is my favorite time of the year. Hot summer days are finally over. I love the brisk mornings and I just want to be outside all the time. Unfortunately this time of year also brings the dreaded cold and flu season as well.

 The common cold can be caused by more than 100 viruses, mainly the rhinovirus. Influenza or the flu can only be caused by 3 types of viruses, A,B or C. Type A and B
viruses are responsible for large flu epidemics. The type C virus is more stable and you may get milder symptoms.
 Colds start with a stuffy nose, scratchy throat, mild weakness and sometimes chills with a low grade fever. Flu symptoms come on much faster and stronger. You can have a headache, high fever and pronounced body aches and pains. Both colds and flu’s are caught by inhaling someone else’s exhaled virus. A good example is being near someone who sneezes that already has the virus or touching a handrail or telephone and then touching your own eyes, nose or mouth. These viruses are contagious shortly after the initial exposure and for several days after as the body develops antibodies with which to counteract them. An example of this is a runny nose guards against further invasion.
 Colds and Flu usually last about 2 weeks. The severity and duration depends on the persons immune system. People with a strong immune system will get over it sooner and most likely won’t catch it at all.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep your own immune system strong and have less chance of catching any of the viruses.
 The simplest way to stay strong is to eat a healthy, whole food diet. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables adds antioxidants to your diet and keeps you healthy.  Avoid processed foods and sugar. Stay hydrated. A dehydrated body is weak and susceptible to all kinds of illness. Pure, clean water is the only way to do this. Avoid caffeine, soda and energy drinks. These only add to the dehydration.
 Exercise also keeps a strong body. Doing a combination of cardiovascular exercise and weight bearing exercise at least 4 to 5 days a week helps to keep a strong immune system. Even a 45 minute walk 5 days a week can reduce a cold by one third. It also helps to alleviate stress. Medical research has shown a definite link between emotions and infections.
 Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep lowers your immune system and can be the start of many illnesses and inflammation in the body.
 Wash your hands often. Keep all the germs off your hands and from under your nails. Use a paper towel in a public restroom to touch any faucets or door handles. This eliminates a lot of germs being spread.
Take proper whole food supplements to ensure your body gets everything it needs that you can’t get from food.  Taken daily these products support a healthy immune response function. There all also products available to take at the first sign of a virus. They can minimize the duration and severity of the symptoms.
 If you do catch a cold or flu work with your body, not against it, to get over it. Most natural remedies help cleanse the body and speed recovery. Rest, relax and pamper yourself. Lets load up on natural Vitamin D outside enjoying the beautiful Fall days!
 Health and happiness to all…..


Natures medicine cabinet….

Antibiotics and over the counter cold and flu medication can add side effects that do more damage than good. Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad plus cause further digestive issues. Ibuprofen and other pain killing drugs do damage to your liver. Try these whole food supplements to strengthen your immune system and add antioxidants to keep you healthy.

Standard Process Immuplex... contains phytochemicals, minerals as well as Protomorphogen and Cytososl extracts to support immune system. It helps maintain normal white blood cell activity. It provides broad mineral support for everyday immune function as well as supports the bodies normal response to inflammation. 

Standard Process Congaplex… used for short term support of the immune system. It supports a healthy immune response function and provides ingredients with antioxidant activity. It supports the the Thymus gland and contains ribonucleic acid which your body uses to build new cells. 

Medi Herb Andrographis… contains a blend of herbs to support immune function. It also supports healthy respiratory system function and helps maintain normal body temperature within a normal range. It promotes healthy liver function and also encourages adaptive response to occasional everyday stress. 

Boiron Influenzinum Flu Prevention Program… This homeopathic preparation replaces the normal flu vaccicnation without the bad side effects. It is prepared every Fall to contain the flu vaccine of that year in homeopathic form. A dosage of the remedy is taken once per week for 5 weeks, once every fall to prevent the flu. It can be taken in place of or in addition to the flu vaccine for those who choose to. It is available in our office starting this month.

All of these products are available at Emley Family Chiropractic. Let the Doctors and staff help you stock your medicine cabinet the healthy way.


Foods to fight infection


Lots of fruits and vegetables. Chicken soup and onion soup with garlic and cayenne act as a decongestant by loosening secretions. Garlic wards off bacteria. Other fiery foods such as tabasco, horseradish and hot mustard also decongest. Also drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated and hot vegetable juices and broths are beneficial.


All dairy products. Dairy products create mucous so avoiding them when you are stuffy and congested is a good idea. Fruit juices that contain sugar or high fructose corn syrup.




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