Summer Fun

The hot days of Summer allow us plenty of outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter if you are an outdoors enthusiast for your exercise or you find yourself doing massive amounts of yard work and gardening.It is also a time for BBQ’s and fun food with friends. It can also be a stressful time as we need to juggle our schedules and occupy the kids until school starts back up. Whatever your Summer activities are your body is paying the price with a sometimes silent condition that can do major damage to your health.

 INFLAMMATION is the body’s attempt at self protection. When you injure yourself the inflammation process starts, which signals the body to start healing. It is part of the bodies natural immune response.

 Acute inflammation starts rapidly and quickly becomes severe but lasts only a few days or weeks as the body heals. A cut or bruise is an example of acute inflammation. When the cut or bruise becomes inflamed it is the sign that your immune system is sending white blood cells to the wounded site to repair the injury.

 Chronic inflammation is long term inflammation that can last for months or even years if you don’t make the changes necessary to correct it. It can lead to chronic disease and conditions such as Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Colitis, Diabetes and many auto immune diseases. When the inflammation hangs out long term it confuses the natural immune response you are supposed to have. This kind of inflammation comes from injuries that never healed properly, poor diet, environmental toxins and even stress. 

 This chronic inflammation is probably the biggest health crisis we all face today. It is the start of many issues that we can choose to address. If we don’t control the inflammation it can be the start of the conditions mentioned above.

 You can also have silent inflammation. You wont have a bruise or cut but inside your body can be on fire. It can be from food allergies, gut issues, chronic infections, poor diet choices (processed food), sedentary lifestyle as well as stress and exhaustion. These things are all risks to your long term health.

 Good news is that all of this inflammation can be corrected. Reducing stress both mental and physical is key to good health which gets rid of the damaging inflammation. Choosing a whole food, mostly plant based diet is key for nutrition. Focus on your gut health. Adding enzymes, probiotics and proper supplements will ease the inflammation. Find out if you have food allergies. If you continue to eat what your body is rejecting the inflammation just grows. It is the same for chronic infections. You must address the causes of these and eliminate the problem. Also because our skin is the largest organ in our body we need to pay attention to what we touch and apply to our skin. Make sure you read labels on your skin care as well as household products. Learn what is healthy and what chemicals and ingredients you should avoid. 

 Becoming aware of inflammation in the first place is a great start. Work on each step to improve your diet and your lifestyle. By keeping inflammation to a low level in your body you ensure a longer healthy life free of joint pain and chronic conditions. 






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